Wednesday, October 28, 2009

social engagement

today i had a date.  a date with a most captivating and delightful four year old.  we had lunch out (burger king...her choice), a trip to bookman's (a reading of "there's a witch under the stairs"), a trip to target (had to get one of those blue raspberry icees) and a trip to the dollar store (pom poms were needed).  it was a day to remember.

p.s.  any other progeny who might like a date with nana?

p.p.s.  if you answer i'll know you read my blog.  that's got to be good for an extra treat don't you think?


Alicia said...

Sounds like such a fun day!! You look so happy.

Jen said...

Um, yes!!! 3 young men are going to get the phone to schedule their dates with nana!!!

my pocketbook said...

jen, tell them to bring it on...i can't wait!

Anonymous said...

These are the special times we love. Making memories. cjs