Wednesday, May 12, 2010

thrifting find

last week i stopped by the salvation army thrift store.  i have been on the hunt for a new dining room table.  a round one that would hold 6-8 people.  i walked to the back of the store.  and there it was.
this table.  (sans the chairs.)
brand new with the tags still hanging on it.
it sported a salvation army sticker price tag of $180.  hhhmmm i thought.  not the right color.  i want white.  but i can sand and paint.  and it would be perfect for my space.  love the base.  yes, this is the table.
up walks a salvation army employee.  with a big red special poster.  he sticks the poster on my table.
price $50.
this is my table today.  the sanding has begun.
i can't stop looking at this picture.  i can't wait to get the look.
chairs are next.  then the bookcases.  white accessories. 
and can you see that clock from a pottery barn catalog.  how cool is that.  perfect for on top of my dining room bookcases.  my next project.  (sorry babe, i know how you hate my projects.) 


Debbie Barber said...

Your vision of the new dining room is just so beautiful~! Love the clock from Pottery Barn!!!

The McEnaney's said...

That is quite the find! You are so talented!