Friday, September 17, 2010

why i love the internet

because i get a kazillion ideas.  and it gets my brain going.  and ideas flowing.  why sometimes it even gets my heart pumping.  i could peruse design and decor and crafting sites all day long.  and because of the many hours that i spend blog hopping i have seen some amazing stuff.  so amazing that i have done something i have never done before.  decorate for halloween.  ok, maybe not 'decorate'.  more like tablescape.
here's my dining room table decked out for halloween.
wish i could take credit for this spooktacular (yes, i amuse myself) idea.
but i can't.  it came from here.  check it out.  amazing.


Jacqueline Williams said...

Yes, Hello Barb. Its Jacque. I'm at my Mom's and she thinks that facebook is the debil come to invade her shiny computer with viruses so I have to contact you via your blog. :)
We are redecorating her bathroom. If bubblegum purple were a color, that would be the color we painted it. We are trying to pick out a black and white patterned shower curtain (maybe) and accessories. She is making me suicidal with her decorative apprehension. Will you confirm to her that Toille is indeed a trendy print. Please and thank you. Just comment on my blog or fb page and I will show her. :) Its on if you want to see it. Pretty Please and Thank you much.

The McEnaney's said...

You are so crafty and talented!

Michelle Skaggs said...

Very cute! Would last about 10 minutes in our house. We all have sweet tooths!

Debbie Barber said...

Vampire teeth and dead frog eyes! I LOVE IT!!! You simply bewitch me!! (smile)