Monday, December 7, 2009

crazy...who me?

i must be crazy.  i'm not a fan of chaos so it must be that i am just plain crazy.
i mean who invites workers into their home in december.
i'm pretty sure it's only a crazy woman who would do such a thing.

next up in the kitchen after the cabinets is a new stone tiled backsplash.
good bye granite mountains.
i will be so glad to see you go.

kenny finished laying the floor tonight.  i love, love, love it.
he still has the new baseboards to install.
but i was excited to put my furniture back.  you know, for a sneak preview.
so he and dave obliged.
but not before they managed to topple the christmas tree.

life in the ball house.  why, it's just a ball.

p.s.  i can't wait to post pics of all the loveliness.  hopefully in another week.
if i haven't taken up residence in the funny farm that is.


Debbie Barber said...

The new wood floor is amazing! Who decided to take on not one, but two major projects right before Christmas?? Insanity!!