Monday, December 21, 2009

giving and the giving tree

sunday was a lovely day.  we spent it at the giving tree helping to feed the homeless and passing out coats and clothes to those in need.  the giving tree is quite the organization.  what i really like about the giving tree is that those who receive help are also expected to work. the organization of the clothes and the coats and the volunteers and the food boxes is all done by the same people who are receiving the goods and services.  the giving tree recently got some bad press.  the usual negative stuff...misappropriation of funds, different citings of various violations, yada, yada, yada.  what organization, federal or private, hasn't fallen short when it has been scrutinized by those looking for something negative.  all of that really doesn't bother me.  why?  because hungry and cold people are hungry and cold people.  and they need help.  and that is what the giving tree does.  dave and jen and the boys were there to help too.  in fact, jen organized a coat drive for the giving tree.  her goal was to collect 100 coats.  but she did oh, so much better than that.  she collected over 200 coats.  way to go jen!  and boy were those coats snatched up.  it was so rewarding watching those in need, especially the children, try on coats and pick just the right one.  but one of the best parts was watching drew, wes, and will help unload coats and participate in the giving and serving of those less fortunate.  yep, sunday was a very good day.  and here are some pics of the afternoon.

tables with clothing to be handed out                     the sorting of the coats and food boxes

dave, jen and boys getting some directions             a jumping castle for the children

if you or your family are ever looking for a chance to give service and help those in need the giving tree has plenty of opportunities.  and you will get so much more than you give.  i promise.