Monday, March 8, 2010

craigslist and z-gallerie have my heart this morning

i should be doing something constructive.  but no, i'm perusing craigslist.
and this is what i found.
a black and crystal chandelier.
(seriously though, where would i put it?)
 oh, heck, that doesn't matter because
i want it.  i want it bad.  and i could have had it.  because my daddy sent me, my sister and my mom gambling this weekend.  and he paid.  (thanks dad!)  but no.  apparently i don't know how to gamble.  every machine i sat in front of must have been smiling big and thinking, 'oh, here she comes...loser...'

so while i don't have the money to indulge this splurge, if i had  won this weekend at wild horse pass i'd be calling on this baby right now.

and on craigslist it is $50.00 less than the z-gallerie price.
200 smackeroos.

but then nothing can replace the time spent with my mom and sister.
we sure know how to laugh and have fun.
but gamblers...yeah, we're not so good at that.
i'm bitter.


Jen said...

UM, I LOVE THAT! Have you seen the butterfly mobile on young house love?? Can we recreate that on a craft day???

Debbie Barber said...

Buy the chandelier for heaven's sake!! Kenny Ball won't care... XOXO

MARY said...

we do know how to have fun my dear no matter where we go,shopping near by or afar like Italy, we can dream and make a wish, you will get that light like on barbara's you very much, mom