Thursday, March 18, 2010

sweet little pin cushion cake on the loveliest little cupcake stand

disclaimer:  if you don't get bountiful baskets you won't get this.
so, deb, you might want to quit reading.
this was today's project.
and what a sweet project it was.
the sweetest little double layer pin cushion cake on an ever so lovely little cupcake stand.
i'm in love with these sweet little diy pin cushions.
i'm in love with thrifting for glass candlesticks and little dishes to make these ever so lovely cupcake stands.
today was a most sweet and lovely day.


Debbie Barber said...

Ummm.... cute??

Carrie said...

Does Deb not appreciate Bountiful Baskets...and she is against thrifting...we need to teach that girl the wonderfulness that is those two things! Deb...we will convert you yet!

Debbie Barber said...

Dearest Carrie~! I love your zeal... but it ain't happenin' baby!! XOXO