Thursday, April 15, 2010

i've got sunshine on a cloudy day with my girls...

i had dinner on tuesday night with these girls.
what a lovely dinner it was.  it got me to thinking.

time spent with these women is a vital commodity in my life.  i find precious and much needed  moments of reprieve with these girls.  when we are together we can let our hair down.  be ourselves.  relax.  our time together gives us an opportunity to take a break from being moms and wives.  it's our time to be women.  we talk and talk and express things and feelings to each other that are hard to share with others.  when we are together we crack jokes.  sometimes irreverant jokes.  and our peals of laughter are loud and contagious and sometimes cause others to turn and look at us.  we listen to each other's stories.  we celebrate each other's successes.  we cry with each other's heartbreaks. 

so to my girls...
thank you.  thank you for calling me just to check in.  thank you for calling me when you find a good sale.  thank you for running that errand for me just because you were headed that way anyway.  thank you for lending me your lovely goods when i am stressing over making a good impression.  thank you for lifting me when i am down.  thank you for the laughter and love you bring to my life.
thank you for caring about my heart.
and sharing yours.
i love you.


Debbie Barber said...

Okay....I'm seriously crying now!! I'd be lost without you whether it's a sunny OR cloudy day!! Love you to pieces~! XOXO

The Becks said...

Wow! There is some serious SEXY going on in this photo.