Wednesday, April 7, 2010

liar liar pants on fire and related stories

 everyone (except maren) said i wouldn't be hungry.  they practically guaranteed it.  i had my doubts.  500 calories a day.  how could you not be hungry.  well, here's the truth.  i'm hungry.  very hungry. 
my stomach is rolling.  i have a headache.  i want to tear something up.
but i'm sticking with it because i am determined to lose weight before this:

because i am attending with these three hot women.
i'm already the oldest...i don't intend to be the fattest too.
and then this skinny thing called me and said she was on hcg.  seriously carrie.
and then she said she was getting it for free.  what?  how?
and then she chuckled.
translation:  grandbaby # 10 is on the way!
woot!  woot!

but i'm still hungry.  very, very hungry.


Anonymous said...


donna said...

Anonymous, (now known as Donna), also says Barb, you know I hate this picture! xoxo

The McEnaney's said...

Ok so first of all you don't need to lose look fabulous! And secondly congratulations to your whole family for more babies! :) It's the best!

Anonymous said...

oh... my barbara dear, you are not heavy, you are as beautiful outside as you are inside. iam not bias, i am just your mom. love you so much, don't want to see you suffering, wish i could help. LOL
umm: another grandchild ummmmmmm.

Jen said...

I am sorry you are hungry! I love that is how Carrie told you! Hilarious but kinda mean...
I can't wait for a 4th Seegmiller baby!!!

Debbie Barber said...

WooHoo!!! Congrats to Carrie and Mike!!! Now...about Women's Conference, you may be the oldest in the group, but you are also the FINEST!!! XOXO