Monday, January 18, 2010

my guy

can't you just hear mary wells....

nothing you can say can tear me away from my guy.
nothing you could do 'cause i'm stuck like glue to my guy.
i'm sticking to my guy like a stamp to a letter,
like the birds of a feather, we, stick together.
i can tell you from the start i can't be torn apart from my guy.

and it's true for me and my guy.
except during hunting season.

let's see...3 weeks of deer hunting in southern arizona.
one week of guiding in mexico.
one week of hunting in mexico.
eight days in reno at the safari club international convention.
catching the flight to reno.

 as a matter of opinion i think he's tops.  my opinion is he's the cream of the crop.
as a matter of taste to be exact, he's my ideal as a matter of fact.

yep, mary wells, there's not a man today who can take me away from my guy.

unless, of course, he has a set of horns.


Debbie Barber said...

Too cute!! Kenny Ball is a lucky man!! Of course, you're pretty lucky yourself girlfriend! :-)