Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a shower, a missionary, and somebody's wish list

a full weekend for sure...my feet still hurt.  but one of the best ever.  it started with a bridal shower for my niece, allison.  she will soon marry mike.  they are good together.  and she raked in the loot.  it made me happy.

                                          the spread, the panty line and the attendees.
and carrie and ashley were the best co-hosts and workers ever.  they let me leave early...and did all the clean-up...so i could go off to prescott.  i love you girls.

the trip to prescott (rhymes with bisquit) was to attend a missionary farewell.  elder max kurtz is quite the young man.  confident, ready, and a smile that is going to light up spokane.  you will be in my prayers elder kurtz.  every night.

and of course, the prescsott trip included these amazing women.
somebody's wish list.  no self esteem issues here.
(and because chicka trips without them would be boring and dull.)

i got your backs girls...thanks for having mine.

i love my life.  i am blessed.  i am grateful.
my pocketbook is full.


Debbie Barber said...

Love, love our road trips!! What happens in Prescott....stays in Prescott! XOXO