Friday, January 29, 2010

wife of the year award

you know that chalkboard that i recently made.
it's getting a lot of use.  here is the message that it currently displays:
that boy i live with is pushing me to the brink.
he's off to mexico a.g.a.i.n.
first it was just until sunday.  then sunday became monday.
now monday has become tuesday.

i think i deserve the wife of the year award.
or at least a runner-up position.

(either that or i need to go to mexico and whip on some little senorita)


Debbie Barber said...

I thought the new chalkboard didn't erase???

Anonymous said...

easy, easy. take a deep breath. inhale in and exhale out. you don't want a line forming for that boy of yours.. remember your last post. i love my life, i am blessed, i am grateful. just kidding my sweet friend. you hang in there!!!! cjs