Friday, July 23, 2010

feeling special

we arrived in philly.  on time with lots of giggles and a 25$ voucher from us air.  which means our luggage flies home for free.  woot.  woot.  and mom never fell out of her wheelchair.  which is saying a lot.  joann is more than a little challenged when it comes to pushing a wheelchair and dragging a suitcase.
and look what was waiting for us when we arrived at our hotel.
i got a gift bag with food goodies.
but don't be too jealous...there was no chocolate.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

summer fun

it never ends around here.  and while my dining room is still not done, and my chairs are still sporting their same english country themed fabric, and my baseboard replacing is still undone, and my garden needs some serious fertilizer if its ever going to produce anything, i am off once again. 
but not just to pinetop or palm springs.  oh no.  this is a big one.
drum roll please.
philadelphia, new jersey, new york city here i come!
(don't hate.)
ground zero, central park, madison square garden, statue of liberty, time square.
all in one day.
and the jerseylicious girls at the gatsby salon in green brook, new jersey.
i'll be stopping by to see you.
big hair, attitude and fashion.
because once a jersey girl, always a jersey girl.

Friday, July 9, 2010

we're back

pinetop was beautiful.  the parade was "small town" and entertaining (well, except for the belly dancers...seriously who puts belly dancers in a 4th of july parade?).  the fireworks were "small town"...which for fireworks translates to fabulously stupendous.  really, the best to be had.
the resort had everything we wanted or needed.  the pool was inviting.  the game room was hopping.  the kids were great.  and the temps never got over 80. 

so what could be wrong.
my picture taking skills.  my camera.  whichever one is the culprit doesn't matter.
Click to play this Smilebox collage:
these are the only pics i got.  not that i didn't take more.  i took dozens more.
they were just all blank.
jen, i'll ask again.  please help.  i need it.

p.s.  the thrifting was nonexistant.  so sad. 
guess i'll have to hit my favorite tucson haunts.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

let freedom ring

headed to heaven on earth again.  get to stay the whole week this time.  we'll be staying at the timeshare.  and  the kids will be with us (sash, koll, and oksana where are you?) so this pool will be hopping with ball progeny.  

but the best thing about the 4th of july in the white mountains is the show low freedom fest.  old style, hometown parade, barbeque, farmer's market, artisan fair, rodeo, and fireworks.  the best fireworks known to man.

and then there's the thrifting.  which requires a trip to the bank before we leave.
can't wait to show you all my treasures.  because they will be there.  they always are.
can't get enough of that white mountain thrifting.