Monday, June 28, 2010

this and that

i have a new best friend.
isn't it cute.
it puts lotion and sesame oil on my back.  it makes my back feel so good.
i love you new best friend.

my two favorite spices are now growing on my patio.
greek oregano and cilantro.

this table used to be in my living room.
i decided to get rid of it so i put it on craigslist.  no takers.  so i asked jen if she wanted it.
"do you care if i paint it?" she asked.  nope, i sure don't.
dang.  why didn't i think to paint it.  it now looks fabulous. 
if i were an indian-giver i'd ask for it back.

Friday, June 25, 2010

woot! woot!

i've been featured!

(click the link above and you can see all the fabulousness)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

chandie lamps

i have been meaning to post these chandie lamps that i found on craigslist.

arent' they gorgeous.
don't hate...but i got a matching one too.
$10.00 each.  with plastic still on.

i love my new chandies.
they are quite romantic.
especially since they have dimmers.

and i swear...someday i am going to learn how to take pictures.
or buy a real camera.
p.s.  and since i was going out of town the day these lovelies were posted,
my bff, deb, picked them up for me.
i really am a lucky girl...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

mine vs. theirs

these are my chairs.  (given to me by a friend.  aren't i a lucky girl.)
i'm swooning over these chairs.  aren't they gorgeous.
i want these chairs.  i want these chairs real bad.
and my chairs could be these chairs.
just paint the frames black.
reupholster the seats and backs in a similar fabric.
easy peasy...but...there's always a but....
i can't get the seats and backs off my chairs.  i even took them to an upholsterer.
just to get the seats and backs removed.
he wouldn't touch them.
he said the seats and backs were glued on.  tight.  real tight.
i'm tempted to take a sledge hammer to the bottoms and backs and pound away.
because when my chairs look like these chairs my dining room will be complete.
and then i could post pictures.
if i could take pictures.
another story.
i'll keep you posted though on my demolition.
i'm determined to get those chairs.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

tea time (and a sneak peek)

oh how my girls love a tea party.  they love fresh flowers and hats.  they love pretty dishes and "fancy" food.  they love talking like "grown ups" and sipping lemonade.  it makes me wish they would never grow up.  that they would always want to come to nana's.  and spend hours pretending we are "fancy" people.
it couldn't have been a more perfect afternoon.
except we missed oksana.
sani leigh, one summer you must stay home so we can be "fancy" with you too.
could these pics be any worse.  is it me or the camera?
which is why i have yet to post my finished dining room pics.
well, that and the fact that it's still not quite done yet.
jen, please help.  you take beautiful pictures.
wanna come over?

p.s.  sani, hurry home.  we miss you.  we don't like having fun without you.

Friday, June 4, 2010

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

motorcycle mama

we're back.  heaven was green and cool and relaxing.  and included a ride.
thanks geno!  it was a blast!

p.s.  that's a real harley jacket i'm wearing.  gene and ann don't mess around.