Thursday, March 25, 2010

ideas needed

i found this quote perusing vinyl sites.  do you love it as much as i do?  i want to recreate it in vinyl.  but not on wood or a tile or not just applied to the wall.
i want something more abstract. 
but i don't have any ideas.
do you?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

getting my craft on

tonight i was itching for a crafting project.  and this little stool was tired of being naked.
so we met up.  stool is no longer naked.  i'm no longer itching for a crafting project.
mission accomplished.
now i just need a tutorial in the art of picture taking.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

sweet little pin cushion cake on the loveliest little cupcake stand

disclaimer:  if you don't get bountiful baskets you won't get this.
so, deb, you might want to quit reading.
this was today's project.
and what a sweet project it was.
the sweetest little double layer pin cushion cake on an ever so lovely little cupcake stand.
i'm in love with these sweet little diy pin cushions.
i'm in love with thrifting for glass candlesticks and little dishes to make these ever so lovely cupcake stands.
today was a most sweet and lovely day.

10 minutes of thrifting

with this kid = SCORE
literally in and out of the store in less than 10 minutes.
i told him what i wanted.
a couple of clear glass items to put together to make cupcake stands.
 (because who doesn't need a cupcake stand...or a pin cushion stand)
the boy has an eye.
this is what he found.
and you see the milk glass dish.
won't my paperclips look lovely in that.

thanks for 10 minutes of bliss're the best.

currently on my nightstand

i currently have four books on my nightstand.
the 19th wife by david ebershoff is a "historical illumination" about brigham young's 19th wife intertwined with a modern day narrative about murder in a polygamist family.
the last song by nicholas sparks is currently a movie about love and forgiveness.
the amateur marriage by anne tyler has no narrative about it's story.  i was just intrigued by the title.
uncle tom's cabin by harriet beecher stowe.  a classic that i need to read again.

any suggestions on where i should start?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my husband needs a purse

he has stuff everywhere.  the kind of stuff that i keep in my purse.  i have given him numerous places to keep his stuff.  but it's never enough...he keeps gathering more.  because unlike a purse that has to be cleaned out every once in awhile because it gets to full to contain all its contents, he never cleans out his stuff.
he just keeps collecting more.
he currently has 6 gathering places. 
this is his favorite place.  the top of my dryer.  this is my least favorite gathering place.
this basket is on top of the dryer right behind my least favorite gathering place.
you know for his stuff.
maybe he can't see it.
these are the three bins across from the dryer.  for his stuff.  they are full.
maybe that's why he uses the top of the dryer.
this is the dish on top of his dresser.  it has everything from his glasses, to car wash tokens, to pesos, to mexican coral beans, (for reals), to business cards, and even some drip replacement heads.
these are the baskets on top of his dresser.
you know, for his stuff that doesn't fit in the dish on top of the dresser. 
this is his stuff in the nightstand.  in the guest bedroom.  yep, his stuff is everywhere.
and this is the pot that used to sit on top of the dryer until it got to full and we had to go to the basket.

hey babe, wanna borrow a purse?

Monday, March 8, 2010

craigslist and z-gallerie have my heart this morning

i should be doing something constructive.  but no, i'm perusing craigslist.
and this is what i found.
a black and crystal chandelier.
(seriously though, where would i put it?)
 oh, heck, that doesn't matter because
i want it.  i want it bad.  and i could have had it.  because my daddy sent me, my sister and my mom gambling this weekend.  and he paid.  (thanks dad!)  but no.  apparently i don't know how to gamble.  every machine i sat in front of must have been smiling big and thinking, 'oh, here she comes...loser...'

so while i don't have the money to indulge this splurge, if i had  won this weekend at wild horse pass i'd be calling on this baby right now.

and on craigslist it is $50.00 less than the z-gallerie price.
200 smackeroos.

but then nothing can replace the time spent with my mom and sister.
we sure know how to laugh and have fun.
but gamblers...yeah, we're not so good at that.
i'm bitter.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my daughter isn't just beautiful. she's smart too.

she already fixed my blog.  and she knew just what to do.
thanks bear.  i love you.  i'd be lost without you.

now could you come fix the hole in the wall before your dad gets home.

Does this work

Hi mom! You are the best! I hope this works! I love you!

Aren't we pretty???

Aren't your granddaughters cute???

madder than a wet hen

i am madder than a wet hen. all of a sudden my create a new blog post page is totally different. i don't have any of the same options across my toolbar. before when i created a post and wanted to post a picture i saw the picture. now when i'm writing my post and insert a picture all i see is the encrypted code garble. even my signature is now in that encrypted code garble whereas before i just saw my name. all nice and pretty and in blue. i want to swear. sheat...damn...hell...i've looked all through my settings and makes me want to punch the wall. i don't know the insides of computer navigating...heck i hardly know the outsides of computer navigating. prime example...i just went to center this post...but no...i no longer have the left, right, center option on my toolbar. i am a center kind of girl. i don't like leaning too far to the right or too far to the left. i want to hit something. and i must not be the only one who feels this way. whole studies have been done on the subject of computer frustration/madness. like this one from"a model for computer frustration: the role of instrumental and dispositional factors on incident, session, and post-session frustration and mood". google it. you'll see. but here's how i roll...i'll just start over. with a new blog. frustration and anger have no place in my life. i won't allow it. it doesn't belong. it makes me quite grumpy. and the boy i live with doesn't like grumpy. not one bit.

but before all this frustration and madness and grumpiness got started here is what was happening in our hood. we went bowling. all nine grandkids, uncle chuck, kevin, dave, jen, carrie, and kenny and i. and i took pictures. and sasha turned 14! (FOURTEEN...i have a 14 year old did i get so old.) and kasey made homemade tacos. and we had cake and ice cream and the whole family partied up a storm. and i took pictures. and we went to see tracy lawrence. and we went thrifting. and i took pictures. but do you see any of these pictures? NO. because everytime i go to upload them they just "magically" insert themselves, in encryped code, somewhere/anywhere in this post.

so to the boy i live with...i am frustrated. i am mad. i am throwing things. i am hitting things. i am swearing. you will hear words that don't normally cross my sweet, kissable lips. you will get hit if you move too slow. you will get hit if you move to fast. you will need to invest in a drywall repair kit.

did i mention i am madder than a wet hen?

p.s. and if you know how to rescue me from this madness, please speak up. the boy i live with will thank you. so will my walls.

p.p.s. see my signature's in encrypted code garble...somebody save me.