Thursday, September 29, 2011

subway art

there are so many takes on subway art.  and i had not yet tried creating my own.  and lately my craft groove has been dormant (along with my blogging groove).  but today i gave it a try.  a sweet friend is having a birthday...a big one.  so i decided to make her some subway art with the places and things that are most meaningful to her and her family.
what a fun project.
now i need to start one of my own.  how about it ball's?  give me your favorite family traditions, memories, places.  i'll see what i can come up with.
and don't tell me nothing.
you know we did stuff.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

vintage paintings

these two small original oil paintings hung in my grandmother's house.  they were a gift to her from my mother.  i love these two paintings.  they are quaint, sweet and vivid, and, in person, have dimension and layers.  they make my heart smile.
my mother purchased them from the artist, eric linnell, in 1945.  she was on her way to work (her very first job) at wanamaker's in philadelphia.  the artist was sitting outside of wanamaker's on the sidewalk painting them.  still in their original frames, they measure only about 5" X 6".
they were lovingly handed from daughter to mother.
they hung in my grandma's house until she died in 1977.
after that they hung in my mom's house.
i've had my eyes on them ever since i can remember.
(so much so that i put my name on the back of them lest any of my siblings get any ideas that they might be going to their homes.)

recently they came home with me and they now hang in my house.

i see them every single time i enter my home.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

a gumball machine

i needed a gumball machine.  on a stand.  not that i was anxious for 10 grandchildren to be running around my house chewing gum and leaving it wherever....
no, i needed a gumball machine because this little girl is a sassy, i'll say hello if i want to, kinda gal.
i needed a bribe.  so when she comes over i can get some loving.
yep, i needed a gumball machine.
like this one.  because miss sassy will do just about anything for gum.
but every gumball machine i found was red and black.  and i wanted black and white.
so out came the paint.  spray paint.  one of man's greatest inventions. 
here she is.  all ready.
so come on over elise.  this nana can't wait to get some leelee loving!