Thursday, September 30, 2010

at last chairs are reupholstered.  and i couldn't be happier with them.
here they are before.
and after
now i'm off to make some little burlap back pillows.  i think they could use the texture.
that and i love burlap.

Friday, September 17, 2010

why i love the internet

because i get a kazillion ideas.  and it gets my brain going.  and ideas flowing.  why sometimes it even gets my heart pumping.  i could peruse design and decor and crafting sites all day long.  and because of the many hours that i spend blog hopping i have seen some amazing stuff.  so amazing that i have done something i have never done before.  decorate for halloween.  ok, maybe not 'decorate'.  more like tablescape.
here's my dining room table decked out for halloween.
wish i could take credit for this spooktacular (yes, i amuse myself) idea.
but i can't.  it came from here.  check it out.  amazing.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

he da man

 i fell in love with this face the very first time i saw it.  he (and his brother...i'll tell you about him later) had been on a plane for 24 hours.  his eyes couldn't have been bigger and the look of fear on his face couldn't have been more real.  he didn't know that he had a family waiting.  that he was loved beyond measure.  and that he was ours forever.  he had no idea that he was in for the adventure of a lifetime.  neither did we.

now he's all grown up.  almost.
 that's him playing the stand up bass with the cdo jazz band.  and he plays golf.  and he's in r.o.t.c.  he loves to fish.  he loves to hunt.  he plays a mean cornhole.  he's always happy.  he's very loved.

 you da man koll.