Thursday, October 29, 2009


can a not far from 60 year old pull this off?  i love this outfit.  i want it badly.  but i don't want to spend $129.00 on it and then look silly.  so, what do you think?  and what kind of shoes would one wear with this outfit?  sandals yes, but what about winter when my little toesies get chilly.


Carrie said...

Of course you can pull it off! I love it! I don't about shoes...maybe a nice pair of fuzzy know the kind I am talking about? GO for it!!! Love you!

Rachelle said...

I say yes! But I think you could find it for less than $129. I have seen similar dresses at Target, Oldnavy, Forever 21... same with leggings. Though that looks very cute and probably high quality.

Alice said...

Not all of us could pull it off, but you could! Make sure it's not to long! A cute pair of clogs would work wonders for a winter look...don't tell Deb she hates my shoe taste!