Monday, October 12, 2009

1969 high school musical

me, penny, and sandi.
penny and sandi were cheerleaders.
i was a pom pom.
 some think we still got it.

this past weekend was my 40th high school reunion. i didn't attend...too scared. but one of my very good friends and college roommates, penny peterman, came down from colorado to attend. another gal from high school, sandi white, and i got together with penny after the big event. penny filled us in on all the "scoop" which we all know is the best part of any high school reunion. we had a great time visiting, reliving, laughing, and gossiping about the "old days". thanks girls i had a great time! and i can't wait to do it again!

penny and i at el conquistador.


Carrie said...

I'm pretty sure you've still got "IT"!!! Love you!

Debbie Barber said...

You are one hot chick! Please try to not have so much fun without me next time!!