Thursday, June 10, 2010

tea time (and a sneak peek)

oh how my girls love a tea party.  they love fresh flowers and hats.  they love pretty dishes and "fancy" food.  they love talking like "grown ups" and sipping lemonade.  it makes me wish they would never grow up.  that they would always want to come to nana's.  and spend hours pretending we are "fancy" people.
it couldn't have been a more perfect afternoon.
except we missed oksana.
sani leigh, one summer you must stay home so we can be "fancy" with you too.
could these pics be any worse.  is it me or the camera?
which is why i have yet to post my finished dining room pics.
well, that and the fact that it's still not quite done yet.
jen, please help.  you take beautiful pictures.
wanna come over?

p.s.  sani, hurry home.  we miss you.  we don't like having fun without you.


Debbie Barber said...

Still picture perfect!!! Even if the camera quality is not so great...or is it the photographer?? (smile) Let's do a grown up tea party sometime. Sounds like fun!!! XO

mom hopkins said...

yes barb let's have a grown up tea party, you don't have enough things to do..we will help...promise, hope you'll invite me..only kidding..honest.. love ya, mom.