Monday, October 4, 2010

finishing touch

i finished the burlap pillows.
i'm liking the texture. 
and the best part of these little pillows...i didn't have to buy a thing.  i had looked for a pillow insert that was the size i wanted, about 8" X 16".  couldn't find that size anywhere. but all i needed to do was check my pillow stash.
there it was.  the average pillow.  16" X 16".  so i cut it in half.
oh how i love upcycling.

p.s.  no bathroom jokes allowed.


Gretchen said...

Very cute! You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Your chairs look awesome dear daughter, always knew you can do it..anxious to see them..your also a genius..don't tell anyone..hahaha lu.

LazyMom said...

They look so cute! BAH! You're a diva.
Hey, ya, so listen...I might be moving late December so I'm gonna need your expertise pro bono. ;) Think of it as a way to gain blessings for assisting the poor, needy, and creatively challenged. I have 0$ so I need to re dec by recovering, "upcycling", painting, and cleverly arranging my shtuff. I need your brain for like one afternoon in the future. You in? :)
I'd love you forever!

Debbie Barber said...

Why am I not surprised??! Everything with you has to be labeled.... but I LOVE IT!!!