Saturday, September 3, 2011

a gumball machine

i needed a gumball machine.  on a stand.  not that i was anxious for 10 grandchildren to be running around my house chewing gum and leaving it wherever....
no, i needed a gumball machine because this little girl is a sassy, i'll say hello if i want to, kinda gal.
i needed a bribe.  so when she comes over i can get some loving.
yep, i needed a gumball machine.
like this one.  because miss sassy will do just about anything for gum.
but every gumball machine i found was red and black.  and i wanted black and white.
so out came the paint.  spray paint.  one of man's greatest inventions. 
here she is.  all ready.
so come on over elise.  this nana can't wait to get some leelee loving!


Carrie said...

Elise would like an orange gumball! She says "that's beautiful"!!!