Friday, November 27, 2009

i came, i went, i conquered

thanksgiving 2009

dave and jen's.
yummy food, great company, needed nap.
(we demolished tom...nary a morsel left.)
thank you dave and jen for hosting.
it was a great day of thanksgiving.
about 50 people in line in front of me.

target took pity on us and passed out candy.
thank you target.
but next year you might want to consider some hot chocolate.

it was craazzzzy.
some people were quite grumpy.
(note to world:  if you are going to be a grump on black friday...stay home.  the lines will be long and you might not get what you want.  deal with it.)

i conquered and i scored.
woot!  woot!

now i think i'll go to bed.

p.s.  for my posterity, the boy i live with ditched me for a chance at a whitetail deer.
the checkbook will reflect this injustice.


Debbie Barber said...

"The checkbook will reflect this injustice." What a CLASSIC quote!! I love it!! Wish I would have thought of it myself... glad you got your flat screen TV for the bedroom!!