Monday, November 9, 2009

my chickas and me

day 1

oh my.  i didn't know i could have so much fun in one weekend or that i could laugh so hard, or shop so long, or talk so much.  palm springs with these ladies was over the moon!  oh and the things i learned.  why there is just no end to my new knowledge base.  here are some of the things i learned:
1.  tl = totally low
2.  if you fling a twinkie you might be found out.
3.  the vig is a one cheek establishment.
4.  that might not be a plane you see in the sky.  it might be someone's stallion.
5.  nose clamps are not an attractive look.
6.  "cut to the chase" exists only as a precursor to wtmi.
7.  "my point is"...really, could you just cut to the chase.  oh yeah.  you don't do that.
8.  wtmi.  yeah, well, like it or not that's what you get.
9.  hobbits like the word sunshine.
10.  when you say you don't watch tv it doesn't really mean you don't watch tv.
11.  if you drop the cosbys off at the pool be sure to flush.
12.  fit to be tyed causes panic attacks.

and last but not least...

13.  diet pepsi with lime is really, really good.

day 2

day 3
full trunk to match our full hearts.
love you chickas.
thanks for the most fabulous weekend.


Jen said...

Hilarious! I love your outfit on the third day! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Debbie Barber said...

Perfect blog for a perfect chick weekend!! You're absolutely the best!! Since I know you would always tell me if I had broccoli in my teeth.... I feel the need to correct your mention of The Vig.... it is one "chic" establishment! I'm just saying is point is..... just cutting to the chase!! XOXO