Wednesday, March 3, 2010

madder than a wet hen

i am madder than a wet hen. all of a sudden my create a new blog post page is totally different. i don't have any of the same options across my toolbar. before when i created a post and wanted to post a picture i saw the picture. now when i'm writing my post and insert a picture all i see is the encrypted code garble. even my signature is now in that encrypted code garble whereas before i just saw my name. all nice and pretty and in blue. i want to swear. sheat...damn...hell...i've looked all through my settings and makes me want to punch the wall. i don't know the insides of computer navigating...heck i hardly know the outsides of computer navigating. prime example...i just went to center this post...but no...i no longer have the left, right, center option on my toolbar. i am a center kind of girl. i don't like leaning too far to the right or too far to the left. i want to hit something. and i must not be the only one who feels this way. whole studies have been done on the subject of computer frustration/madness. like this one from"a model for computer frustration: the role of instrumental and dispositional factors on incident, session, and post-session frustration and mood". google it. you'll see. but here's how i roll...i'll just start over. with a new blog. frustration and anger have no place in my life. i won't allow it. it doesn't belong. it makes me quite grumpy. and the boy i live with doesn't like grumpy. not one bit.

but before all this frustration and madness and grumpiness got started here is what was happening in our hood. we went bowling. all nine grandkids, uncle chuck, kevin, dave, jen, carrie, and kenny and i. and i took pictures. and sasha turned 14! (FOURTEEN...i have a 14 year old did i get so old.) and kasey made homemade tacos. and we had cake and ice cream and the whole family partied up a storm. and i took pictures. and we went to see tracy lawrence. and we went thrifting. and i took pictures. but do you see any of these pictures? NO. because everytime i go to upload them they just "magically" insert themselves, in encryped code, somewhere/anywhere in this post.

so to the boy i live with...i am frustrated. i am mad. i am throwing things. i am hitting things. i am swearing. you will hear words that don't normally cross my sweet, kissable lips. you will get hit if you move too slow. you will get hit if you move to fast. you will need to invest in a drywall repair kit.

did i mention i am madder than a wet hen?

p.s. and if you know how to rescue me from this madness, please speak up. the boy i live with will thank you. so will my walls.

p.p.s. see my signature's in encrypted code garble...somebody save me.


MOM said...

Barbara, we need a day out together my dear, you been doing for everyone, how about it, soon maybe? don't let it get you down I love too much. With love, Mom

Debbie Barber said...

Blogging VooDoo!! I felt your pain honey even though I don't even blog. XOXO