Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my husband needs a purse

he has stuff everywhere.  the kind of stuff that i keep in my purse.  i have given him numerous places to keep his stuff.  but it's never enough...he keeps gathering more.  because unlike a purse that has to be cleaned out every once in awhile because it gets to full to contain all its contents, he never cleans out his stuff.
he just keeps collecting more.
he currently has 6 gathering places. 
this is his favorite place.  the top of my dryer.  this is my least favorite gathering place.
this basket is on top of the dryer right behind my least favorite gathering place.
you know for his stuff.
maybe he can't see it.
these are the three bins across from the dryer.  for his stuff.  they are full.
maybe that's why he uses the top of the dryer.
this is the dish on top of his dresser.  it has everything from his glasses, to car wash tokens, to pesos, to mexican coral beans, (for reals), to business cards, and even some drip replacement heads.
these are the baskets on top of his dresser.
you know, for his stuff that doesn't fit in the dish on top of the dresser. 
this is his stuff in the nightstand.  in the guest bedroom.  yep, his stuff is everywhere.
and this is the pot that used to sit on top of the dryer until it got to full and we had to go to the basket.

hey babe, wanna borrow a purse?


Debbie Barber said...

LOL! Clearly the three little bins across from the dryer and not nearly big enough... those don't count!! (Not that I'm siding with Kenny Ball.... just sayin')