Saturday, May 22, 2010

a saturday well spent...sorta...i think

my beautiful, loving and very capable daughter spent the day with me today.  cleaning out my closet.  a chore that has needed to be done for about a year now.   yes, we cleaned out my closet just one year ago.  who knew that in a year's time one could accumulate so many shirts and shoes and purses and scarfs and jeans and capris and sweaters.  she was brutal.  she did not let me hang on to anything that didn't have her stamp of approval.  well, except for one sentimental piece.  this is what things looked like about half way through.  before my anxiety attack.  because she was making me get rid of all my hangers.  but i talked her into the white ones.  after i promised that i would change out all the hangers in the closet.  because hangers really should match.
and if you're thinking those piles don't look like much....they filled up 8 large plastic lawn and leaf trash bags.
this is the one sentimental piece that she let me keep...a cowgirl shirt that the boy i live with bought me in san antonio...a george strait shirt.  i love george strait.
and my clean closet.
and my beautiful, loving and very capable daughter.
thanks bear.
but just so you know...i got nothing to wear.


Debbie Barber said...

I think I would need both Candace AND Carrie to tackle my closet!!! It hasn't been cleaned for 15 years! They both would be brutal, but I need it!! XO

P.S. Hangers should match???? You're sickness has moved into the final stage. Could be terminal!

Debbie Barber said...

Oooops!! Make that "your" sickness... not "you're" -- I hate bad grammar, just like you!!