Thursday, May 20, 2010

things are never what they seem

especially in room redos.  our new floors and dining room redo are taking  f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  the floors have been down for a couple of weeks.  but it took that long for the special order transition moulding to come in.  my question, if you stock the floor planks why is the transition moulding a special order?  and then there are these little spacer things that stablize the planks as they are being laid AND maintain the "proper" spacing for the transition moulding.  at least that's what the spacers are supposed to do.  but news flash...they don't maintain the proper spacing.  but you don't know that until the special order transition moulding comes in.  then you find out that the moulding won't fit in the space that was maintained by the spacers.  so frustrating!  especially for the boy i live with because he had to take a router all around the perimeter of the dining room and family room floors and  make that space wider so that he can then install that special order transition moulding.  and do you know what a router and wood do in the house.
and it settles everywhere.
the boy i live with must really love me.  cause he hardly said any swear words.
but i love my new stripes.  and new floors.  and new baseboards. 
and if that boy i live with didn't need to golf THREE days a week i might be showing you the whole new room!


The McEnaney's said...

You are doing some remodeling of your own! Looks fantastic!

Debbie Barber said...

Sawdust is a nightmare!! But it's going to be so fabulous when completed... can't wait!! XO