Sunday, November 28, 2010

not quite the same

decorating for christmas 2010 has been a struggle.  i love this time of year.  celebrating the birth and life and ministry of christ and making my home reflect my heart has always been a joy for me.  but this year my dad is facing his final journey.  much of my time has been spent pondering all he did and gave and sacrificed for his family.  my dad is a remarkable man.  he is tough and stern.  right is right and wrong is wrong.  principled and strong, he is passionate about many things.  he loves deeply.
his lessons have served me well and taught me much.

this year my dad probably won't be able to make the trip to my home to enjoy our traditional christmas festivities and to share in the love we have for each other...
a love and a legacy that has grown and flourished, in part, because of a man i call dad.
but daddy, i don't want you to miss anything.  you will always be a part of my life.
so here is a little bit of christmas 2010 at the ball home.


Debbie Barber said...

Sooo beautiful and such a heartfelt tribute. Wow!

mom said...

we both will be missing christmas with the balls but you know we will be there in our thoughts, we have many many christmas memories and other holidays and events with the balls, we loved them all, we will still look forward to your visits here with us, again thanks for decorating our home, it feels warm and welcoming, love you all.
Mom and Dad