Saturday, November 6, 2010

while the cats away

i L.O.V.E. it when my boys go off together.  trampling in the wilderness.  chasing the big one.  sitting around a campfire telling remember when stories.  patting each other on the back.  eating soup that i made just for them.  makes me feel all warm inside.
it's their own male bonding time.
and over the years their male bonding time has given me plenty of opportunities too.
girlfriend time, sleeping in time, chick flick time, shopping time, and best of all...
daughter time.
why one time when they went hunting carrie and i left them a note on the kitchen table.
'gone to disneyland', it said.  'see you when we get back'.
now their latest hunting trip hasn't taken me to disneyland.
but that doesn't mean i'm sitting around whining and crying in my diet coke.

no sireee.  let the fun begin.
painting the kitchen.
because while i love the kitchen cabinet redo from last year,

i hate the way the cabinets look with the current color of my kitchen walls.
a nice, soft swiss coffee background is just what they need.

so thank you, my boys, for giving me a free weekend.
i hope you are enjoying your male bonding time.
and that pot of  soup.  it's filled with love. 


Debbie Barber said...

Got any leftover soup?! Sounds yummy!!! XO

Carrie said...

Why are we not at Disneyland?? That was the best trip ever! Love you!