Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas 2010

at carrabbas.  before the nutcracker ballet.
christmas eve dinner.  prime rib.  might have to be a new tradition.
its christmas morning.  where are those bouncing ball?  we've got presents to open!
happy will.  and apparently bumpa likes little people too.
drew was happy too...but was still looking for that nerf recon.  (yes, he found it.)
wessie got to building right away.  cool stuff.
geez nana...clothes...that all you got.
yea skechers twinkle toes rock!
elise was happy...she hadn't found her clothes yet.

now if we could get the rest of those bouncing balls home from michigan,
 we could wrap this christrmas thing up.
cause this nana has cooked her goose and needs to cuddle.
with this. (since the boy i live with went hunting...again.)
but i'm not complaining cause this keeps me nice and warm too.
with sleepytime herbal, lemon zinger, mandarin orange spice, cozy chamomile, peppermint, white hot chocolate, double chocolate, cafe mocha, and caramel apple cider.
and if this mormon momma gets to feeling edgy
she's got her eye on the butter toffee, hazlenut, raspberry chocolate truffle decafs.
thanks again babe...i love it.  but you should know if you keep up this hunting pace,
my new keurig will be getting the best of me.


Debbie Barber said...

Wow!! Love all the GREAT pics!! :-)