Monday, December 20, 2010

christmas baking

UPDATE:  i'm out of biscotti...i'm out of pizzelles.
mom, can i borrow your pizzelle maker?

is finally done.  8 loaves of biscotti, 3 sheets of toffee, 7 pumpkin spice jar cakes, and about 18 dozen anisette pizzelles.
we are in sweet overload over here.
except for elise.  we can never get enough of her sweetness.
while baking she says to me, "nana, you're cute".
yep, full of sweetness and sass that one.


Debbie Barber said...

Sooooo sweet!! (No pun intended!) Elise looks the yummiest!! XOXO

Debbie Barber said...

Update: Thanks for making our VT gifts look AND taste so yummy~! XOXO