Wednesday, September 30, 2009

did you weigh yourself today?

no, i did not. i haven't weighed myself in several years. i have scale anxiety. i won't even get on the scale when i go to the doctor. i just tell them no, i don't do scales. scales lie. and besides, my clothes tell me everything a scale can tell me. but the time has come. i need to get on the scale. a couple of weeks ago i ordered "slim in 6". it came highly recommended from a very good source (as in pamela anderson's butt double. yes, pamela anderson had a butt double.) i have yet to commit to it. but that time is here now too. so i am making a public announcement. i am embarking on a healthy eating, daily exercising, less (notice i didn't say none) diet coke drinking, more water drinking, weight loss program. i began the 2 day fast that is recommended by "slim in 6" this morning. the exercise program will begin at the end of the two day fast and after the boy i live with takes all my measurements. i will also begin leading a walking group on october 5th. every monday, wednesday and friday morning at 6:30 a.m. i will be leading a group that will leave from walgreens on the corner of first avenue and tangerine road. we will walk the path to la canada and back. a total distance of 4 miles. if you want to join us, come on. you will know me by this shirt. i will be wearing it everyday until my clothes tell me its strutting time.

p.s. thank you carol jean. i love you.


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Debbie Barber said...

You are "strut worthy" right now!! You go girl!