Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my new pocketbook

a couple of months ago i bought a giraffe print weekender bag at nordstrom rack. i've been dying for a pocketbook to match. i found it at the car show. and at half the price of all the other bags this vendor was selling. it was mismarked. imagine that. i wasn't really sure i wanted to buy this particular bag since it wasn't a designer bag (and i have a fetish for designer bags) and i hadn't had a chance to look around at any other giraffe print bags. i asked the vendor "how much for this bag?" "$50.00", she said. "but the tag says $25.00", i said. she shuddered. i said, "if i don't buy this pocketbook right now you're gonna mark it up to $50.00 aren't you". she smiled. i gave her my $25.00. immediately. at once. because there was a very persistant lady standing at my back who kept asking for one just like it. i like my new bag. it's not a dooney. but neither did it cost $395.00. i'm a happy girl. (and the boy i live with is happy too.)


Debbie Barber said...

Now that's SHOPPING!!