Monday, February 15, 2010

another super bowl weekend but without the bowl and a valentine or two

who needs a bowl game for a super weekend.  not us.

it started on saturday with drew's baptism.
what a wonderful occasion for one amazing boy.
drew, we love you.  you are important to our family.
here are some pics to document this special event.

and we had quite the celebratory gathering at dave and jen's after the baptism.  so much so that we were so busy celebrating that no one took pictures.  not one.  which is really too bad because their home was filled with family, friends, food and fun.
see drew, you are very lots of people!

then sash, koll and oksana spent the night.  they love to eat and i love to cook for them.
their breakfast...1 dozen homemade bisquits with a pot of country gravy, 1 pound of bacon and 1 pound of sausage.
now i remember why i had a job when my kids were all home.  they liked to eat too.
and it was valentine's day too.
but valentine's day in our family means only one thing
kasey's birthday!
kase, you may be 36 years old with a family of your own.
and you may go out in the big scary world every day to fight crime and suppress evil.
and you might really like busting up the bad guys.
but i still love you like you were 6.

and here's some birthday/valentine art by the budding artists (and nathan) in the family.
yep, it was a great weekend.
thank you family for all the wonderful reasons to celebrate being us.


DeNae said...

Hello! Thank you for dropping by my place, because it's the only way I could have found your blog. How cute is this design?? And I love that you're NOT a 20-something young mom. I have nothing against them, but it's been at least a couple of decades since I WAS one! Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend. Just the right kind of celebrating!

Debbie Barber said...

Party on!! What a fabulous weekend for your family!! XOXO