Monday, February 1, 2010

mother power

i have a list of blogs that i love.  there are design blogs and craft blogs and blogs written by people i don't even know.  maybe i just like their style of writing or they give me inspiration so i stop by every now and again.  but there are three blogs that i check every single day...and many times, more than once a day.  those are the blogs of the people i love the children.

this is what i found this morning when i checked carrie's blog.
it was titled "freezing time".

"Today I want to freeze time...I don't want this beautiful, thoughtful, sensitive, loving girl to get any older. I want time to stop, especially the way she looked today as she told Primary about her favorite song. All the kids got to write down their favorite primary song on a white piece of a paper and then crumble it up and have a "snowball" fight with the chorister. Then papers were chosen, songs were sung and kids told why. Well, Emeline's got chosen. Her favorite song is "I am Like a Star Shining Brightly". When asked why, she stood up and said "Because my mom used to sing that to me when I was a baby and I used to love that and I really like that song". My heart became a puddle on the ground...and then there were tears...Emeline's first, then mine, and then the choristers. I looked in her beautiful 6 year old face with tears in her eyes and I begged for time to stop. If only..."

my heart is full and my cheeks are wet.

to my children:
i love you beyond words.  
you are more than i ever dreamed you could be.
thank you for letting me be your mother.


Debbie Barber said...

Some of my most precious memories happened while in Primary with my children, but this one tops all!!! Thanks for sharing.... Carrie is a very special mom!