Wednesday, February 24, 2010

no, i'm not a bad blogger. i've just been busy living life.

and in case you don't believe that much living could be going on over here, i'll list the events and then just let this post speak for itself.
allie's bachelorette party at el charro.
making centerpieces for the reception.
making bridal party and bride's bouquets.
a wedding.
a wedding reception.
a family breakfast.  that i wasn't invited to.  so carrie and i crashed it.  we're not shy.
a birthday party.

and so many more pictures.
but i could post for 10 more pages.  so i'll stop now.
but just so you know.  we are very busy living life.
and couldn't be happier.


Anonymous said...

HEY, U hijacked my pictures!! :-) just kidding, but they were some good pics so I guess I can't blame ya. I was wondering when u were gonna update ur blog...

Debbie Barber said...

Crazy busy life you're living!! It's all good, but do you think you could squeeze me in anytime soon?? (big smile)