Sunday, December 6, 2009

a commentary

this is my blog.  my journal.  i can write what i want.  and if you don't like what i write you don't have to read it.  you have a choice.  you can just log off.  you never have to visit it again.  you don't have to be offended by anything i write. 

well, i want to be able to do that same thing when someone is slinging expletives.  just what is up with swearing?  i've certainly swore in my life. but i have to say it has never left me feeling better.  not once.  quite the contrary.  it has only fed into the anger or frustration that i was feeling to start with.  and it has always left me feeling small.  very small.

i try hard not to swear.  and not to let vulgar words enter my mind.  am i always successful?  no.  every once in awhile a "hell" or a "damn" crosses my lips.  and while these words are only mildly offensive and commonplace in our culture, they are still obscentities when used in anger and hate.  i don't want to be that kind of person.  nor do i want to be around the kind of person that screams and hisses words of ugliness.  our world today has enough chaos and meanness and hatred.  and i sometimes have to be witness to those things.  but i refuse to be defined by ugliness.  there is still goodness and beauty and kindness all around me.  and that is what i am going to surround myself with.


Debbie Barber said...

Bravo! (Sorry about my slip-ups.... but I suppose you not only understand, but easily forgive me.)