Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my day

soccer with sani leigh.
didn't end with a win but sani gave it her all.
sani gives everything her all. 
hardworking, determined, charming and incredibly loyal.
sani amazes on a regular basis.

next up...

by mom.
there is nothing like it.  they can't be described.
if all you've ever eaten in store bought spaghetti, you are missing some exquisite cuisine.
(and thanks dad for cranking that spaghetti machine.)

and then...

i emptied all my kitchen cupboards.
and what you see doesn't even include the goodwill pile.
does one really need all this stuff?

but the best part...

these southwest, pickled, whitewashed cabinets that have turned pink with age will finally get a new finish.
they will be sanded, primed, and painted a clean, crisp color, silver leaf.
then they will get a light coat of umber glaze.
goodbye pink cabinets.
i will not miss you.

now if the boy i live with would just come home and live with me  i would be a very happy girl.
yep, he's still chasing bambi.
i root for bambi.


Debbie Barber said...

Wow!! What a busy day you had!! It's no wonder I get your voicemail when I call.... (smile)