Wednesday, December 9, 2009

them mountains are gone

the granite mountain backsplash that has been a major eyesore to my eyes that is.  the ones that made me cringe everytime i walked into my kitchen. who wastes good granite on a backsplash that is cut to look like mountains.

here they are before.
they just look plain wrong.

  mountains are gone.
thank you greg and tony.
you made me a happy girl today.

and the new backsplash will be stone tiles, laid in a brick pattern with decorative tiles interspersed.  my mom did the same backsplash when she recently redid her kitchen and i love it so much i want it too.

mom, hope you don't mind that i'm copying you.

and you can kind of see the new finish on my cabinets.  they are very distressed and antiqued and i'm hoping, please, please, please, that the stone tiles will be the finishing touch to the look i was after.

update:  i'm liking it!  the tiles are giving my cabinets exactly the look i was after.
woot!  woot!


Anonymous said...

I don't mind at all, good to know I still have that touch, I also know that if Greg and Tony are doing the job it will be beautiful, enjoy it as well as I enjoy mine every morning when I walk in my kitchen, good luck, Mom.

Debbie Barber said...

I am LOVING the new kitchen!!! I'm so happy that you're pleased with the results! XOXO