Saturday, December 19, 2009

i found it

my favorite, all-time ever, talk to me baby, blog that is.  design *dump.  a place to dump pretty ideas and beautiful inspiration.  oh my gosh.  holy wow.  fabulicious.  she's divine.  here's a sneak peak.

but wait till you see her real stuff.
oh my.  i'm dreaming.


autumn said...

oh my goodness.
you are TOO kind! thank you for that sweet comment and for posting a link to my blog! i hope i can live up to your expectations! :)
and, i love your header... the saying totally made me chuckle. it's so true though--sometimes life is tidy, and sometimes it's messy...just like a pocketbook! I love it! (of course, my 3 kids seem to think that my purse is a trash can and a place to hold their unwanted toys.)
anyway, thanks for your kind words. it made my day.
and...i can't believe i found another lover of coke zero!! i love that stuff. i try to limit my intake to one a day, but some days i hit the three or four mark.
it's so much better than diet coke.
anyway, thanks again for *gushing*.
i really don't deserve it, but i'll take it if i must!
i hope you have a fantastic day!