Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's complicated

i've seen the movie twice.  yes, i loved it and i'd go see it a third time.  but seriously, forget the movie with it's comedic yet ever so poignant content.  the set design for jane's (meryl streep, the main character) house is absolutely T.O.  D.I.E.  F.O.R.  (an i never write in capital letters.)  i find myself at least twice a day googling the set designer, beth rubino, to peruse her work.  her relaxed yet elegant style (and in this case, not a cliche) has me mesmerized.  her color palette...browns, creams, greens with a blush (that word, blush, is used strictly to entertain my family and give them another reason to laugh at me) of oranges and yellows feels so comfortable and right.  she mixes antiques with squishy, big, comfortable furniture.  natural elements are everywhere.  the dinner and glassware are beautiful without being fussy or formal.  her little vases of fresh flowers are in such unexpected places.  the woman is a genius.  i want to make a new goal for 2010. to visit the set/location of it's complicated.
i have a very strong desire to see it in person.
now how to make it happen?

isn't it lovely.
i just can't stop looking at it.
(these images and more can be found at www.traditionalhome.com) 


Jen said...

I LOVE the orange table runner (wink wink)!!

That color scheme couldn't be more lovely!

Debbie Barber said...

Love it! I'm daydreaming of a new house for me. You and Candace will be my personal decorators. We'll need many chick trips looking for the PERFECT items, furniture, accents, etc.

Write Your World said...

i luv the way you write. you should do more of it i luv chking your blog --- luv ya kb