Tuesday, January 19, 2010

vinyl wall art, wal mart paint and a sneak preview

in the six years or so we have lived in this house, i have had many things in this niche in our master bedroom.  i've had a wrought iron wall decor grille thing-a-ma-jiggy, candle wall sconces, a tall narrow print that i just leaned against the back of the niche.  none of them seemed to please me.  in redoing the master i wanted to do something different for this troublesome little spot.  and since vinyl wall art is so b.i.g. right now and i just happen to have a vinyl cutter, i thought i would design some vinyl wall art.  i have to say, i am pleased with the design.  i am not pleased, however, with the wal mart paint that i recently used to paint the back of the niche.  talk about cheap paint.  first off, when i painted it about 2 weeks ago, the paint was so runny it just dripped down the wall.  and in applying my vinyl art, wal mart's cheap paint actually came off the wall as i positioned the vinyl.  which has never happened before and i have installed a lot of vinyl.  now i have to touch up the wall with some minuscule paint brush that i don't have.  lesson learned...no more wal mart paint.  it's cheap and it stinks. 

but you now have a sneak preview of one little piece of my master redo.
and here's another one.

this was painted with benjamin moore paint.  almost $50.00 a gallon.
but it went on like silk.  so worth it.
(sorry about that cord...i hate cords.  i'll be sure to tuck it away before i snap another picture.)


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Wally World has very little uses in my life!! When will you too figure out this morsel of wisdom? BTW, loving the bedroom so far!!