Friday, January 22, 2010

yesterday's projects

this is my laundry "room"..."room" being a word only a builder would use.  because a space that measures 10' by 7' is not a room...a closet maybe.  or perhaps a pass through.  yes, that's what this is.  a pass through.  and i pass through it a dozen times a day.  i've tried to make it an inspiring place because sometimes i do more than just pass through to the garage.  sometimes  i "wash, rinse, fold, repeat" in here. so yesterday morning i got up and decided to add a little pizazz. 

i got an old frame, some chalkboard paint, and my vinyl cutter and perked it up.
and can i just say i love the orange frame on the chalkboard.  oh that beth rubin.  she knows her stuff.
( jen, you and miss beth must be bff' since you've been adding touches of orange for years.)
i wanted a chalkboard...a place to jot down reminders and write little love notes to that boy i live with.  and, of course, every chalkboard needs some vinyl.  mine says, "scrivere, i verbo; esprimere o comunicare nella scrittura.  italian.  translation - write, verb: to express or communicate in writing.  (because someday i'm going to italy and i need to be able to write about it.)


Debbie Barber said...

You truly have an illness... I wonder if medication would help? Love you~!