Thursday, January 7, 2010

keeping it real here

last saturday i went shopping at ikea (oh ikea...i love you more every day) with these two lovely ladies.  aren't they cute.

we each have some redecorating projects we are working on.  mine is my master bedroom.  and when i'm in the middle of a project i'm not very tidy.  i get too involved in my project to worry about being neat and putting things back where they belong and making the bed.  i mean, who has time. i'm projecting here.

so, to those of you that think i am hopelessly entrenched in my ocd, i proudly give you the following:

i know it doesn't look like i'm doing much, so let me fill you in.
my color scheme is black, brown, platinum, and a silvery green.  i am painting my "tres amigos" furniture black.  i mounted a flat screen tv on the wall (heaven).  i'm moving an armoire (also to be painted black) from the guest bedroom into the master and moving my antique dresser into the guest bedroom.  my new bedding is a yummy, delicious silvery green that you won't get to see until the project is done.  i'm replacing the window coverings on the slider...still undecided there but i want texture, like wood or woven woods, in a rich expresso with creamy white panels on the ends.  i've got my eye on a fabulous piece of artwork (from ikea of course) for over the bed.  and i'm reupholstering a side chair and creating a little seating area with the sweetest little ikea side table...(duh, it's from ikea...of course it sweet.)

most of the furniture painting is done.  it's what i do at night since the boy i live with isn't around to play.
i can't wait until it's done.
neither can my ocd.


Debbie Barber said...

Wow!! You really are brazen to publish those pics of your MESSY bedroom....Bravo!! BTW, we should have accepted the dead battery camera issue at Ikea....I look terrible in that pic!! :-(